Random thoughts in the morning

I seriously had no clue to what came up to my mind. Why am I having hard time remembering what I just did yesterday…earlier. There comes a day that my head is aching so bad. (They) told me that I am suffering from too much depression and trauma that’s why I (my mind) chose not to remember things. Sabi ko, sobra naman ata. Hindi ko na maalala yung ibang sasabihin or gagawin ko. Thanks to Mom’s friend who is a doctor, normal lang daw ito. Temporary amnesia or TGA lang and very rare na magtagal ang issue na ito. Really, huh? Feeling ko tuloy ang dami kong nami miss sa paligid ko. Pag kasi may nakikita, nababasa, or naririnig ako na isang bagay, sumasakit yung ulo ko to the point na pinipilit kong maalala ang isang bagay. I just really hope that I would remember all the things I have forgotten accidentally……. soon. Or maybe not.

Excited for out of town slash business trip to Baguio on weekends!!! Yup. Checklist #1: Travel to some places every other month. 😉

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Expect the Unexpected

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. — 
George Bernard Shaw


So eventually, I wasn’t prepared for this. Every thing happens for a reason, I still think that it’s true. It actually started last week of July, no specific plans, come-what-may type of conversations with friends. (I do really hate plans being cancelled. I’m really more of a ‘biglaan’ all of a sudden gal). Speaking of which, last Sunday, July 29, I decided to visit our hometown house in Bulacan. (It’s just around 30-40mins. from Katipunan where I’m staying most of my liberated life at.) 😉 Even if I’m in the city, there really a lot of things that I missed. My beautiful mom, my handsome brother, my relatives. The people in the farm, class mates, school mates, longganisa, and my gorgeous BIKE. :”>I, without hesitation, rode my bicycle from our house in the highway. Uh yes, highway! Expect the unexpected: I fell from it. Don’t get me wrong okay, but I’m not sure why. Maybe ‘coz the brakes had some disfunction? Maybe ‘coz there are huge trucks ang busses following me? Maybe ‘coz it’s already past 7 in the evening and I’m feeling high? Or maybe I should stop talking now and get back to business. I was even hospitalized for almost a day just because of this and I don’t even care to what happened to me and my muscles. 😀

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