Frequently Asked Questions to me:


Since when do you start blogging?

– I was 12. LOL. I love writing, and when technology starts to boom when I was still in grade school going to HS, I keep on saving those words on storage device, I’ll publish it on Friendster 🙂


How old are you? Do you have sibling/s?

– I’m currently 22. I have a handsome  brother, 18 y/o


You’ve been to the Middle East? For how long?

– Yes! We lived their when I was in Grade 7th. Me only last for a year 😉


How do you find LA, CA?

– Ah! It’s surreal. Loved the weather 🙂 People are nice and most of Filipinos / Asians are there. Love how this place open up my eyes. I’m loving a liberated city.


Do you write (e.g. Books, Literary pieces, Editorials, etc)?

– Yes. I was an Editor-In-Chief of our School’s Publication ‘Infomedia’. Right now, I’m writing a chick-flick 🙂


You’re an IT but you haven’t blog about itself?

– Unfortunately, yes 😦 IT industry topic is broad, I just don’ feel like blogginng about my gadgets or soft wares I have on my PC.


Semi food-blogger but you look thin?

– Why not? 🙂


What TV shows do you usually watch?

– America’s Next Top Model, Vampire Diaries, etc.



– Wait, I’m a movie freak so I’ll message you abut that 🙂


What’s your favorite place that you’ve been in the Philippines? U.S.?

Baguio and Boracay 🙂

Comment below if you have questions, I’ll reply asap 🙂 


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