24 and counting…

“The more I fall in love with Jesus, the more I realize how good He is and all He has done for me.” “God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gist of living well.”

Saw that quote above as a tweet and I have no hesitation to post it here. It’s so coming from deep within. Like I’m the one who said it. A day before my birthday, 23rd of September, it’s raining hard, thought I won’t be able to go to work, but hell yeah, I was able to. Woke up soooo early, even if it’s too hard to leave my bed. *sigh* Well, what can I do? I’m motivated. I’m awake, alert, but not really enthusiastic. Lol. Imagine how hard it is not to wear proper clothes or shoes. :/ So yeah, came to office as early as I can, I remember around 9AM and was able to meet the newly graduates of Wave 70 and 72! It’s always on a Monday when there’s a wave who is graduating from training. AT&T is not an easy account, it’s not hard, but it’s challenging. It’s up to you if you’re a fast or slow learner. You should strive better. And finishing this one step is a blessing and that is something to be proud of. 🙂


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For the love of coffee ♥

It’s been a while, heaps! 🙂

I seriously don’t know what to say. It’s just too much. Too much to absorb I even forgot to cry. Haha. Good thing, right? I’m now having fun. Smiling a lot. I dunno, maybe after all this time, this is what I need. And what I want. Being with people whom I love spending time with, having cups of great coffee , eating sumptuous food, reading good books, and chilling at a place we’ll never forget. I swear, you’ll never forget.

Maybe you’re asking why, I know. So here’s what happened… On a very manic and plain Monday, (September 9, 2013), when everyone’s so busy with their school and office works. I actually announced it on Twitter the night before, that I might and I want to go out and unwind, ‘coz I only have less work the next day. To be honest. I always feel tired even if it’s just the first day of the week. Lol. Kiddin’ aside, I never expected what awaits me is such an unexpected trip. What I exactly hope for. 🙂

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Expect the Unexpected

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. — 
George Bernard Shaw


So eventually, I wasn’t prepared for this. Every thing happens for a reason, I still think that it’s true. It actually started last week of July, no specific plans, come-what-may type of conversations with friends. (I do really hate plans being cancelled. I’m really more of a ‘biglaan’ all of a sudden gal). Speaking of which, last Sunday, July 29, I decided to visit our hometown house in Bulacan. (It’s just around 30-40mins. from Katipunan where I’m staying most of my liberated life at.) 😉 Even if I’m in the city, there really a lot of things that I missed. My beautiful mom, my handsome brother, my relatives. The people in the farm, class mates, school mates, longganisa, and my gorgeous BIKE. :”>I, without hesitation, rode my bicycle from our house in the highway. Uh yes, highway! Expect the unexpected: I fell from it. Don’t get me wrong okay, but I’m not sure why. Maybe ‘coz the brakes had some disfunction? Maybe ‘coz there are huge trucks ang busses following me? Maybe ‘coz it’s already past 7 in the evening and I’m feeling high? Or maybe I should stop talking now and get back to business. I was even hospitalized for almost a day just because of this and I don’t even care to what happened to me and my muscles. 😀

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Conti’s (For The Love of Dessert)

So… Another week has passed and I’m telling myself, there should be another blog to post! Ha-ha! Write. Read. Write. Read. Baaaaaaaaah! Sounds easy but it’s definitely NOT! Especially when you also have other work aside from these; errands to pick up, and deadlines to meet. It’s actually one of my motivations, you know? If I’m not gonna convince myself to write, who? And spare me, I’m just starting to blog as many as I can and as fast as I can… but you should ask the experts here. Bloggers, Authors or whatever career or whoever is that… We all have different perspectives in life, whether you want to pursue something or you want that something to ‘stay there’ and let it pass you.

For the mean time…Sunday for us is FAMILY day. I love this day. And so for me…it’s dessert’s day! Yey! Then we decided to go to one of our favorite fine dining restaurants in the Metro for lunch…

We at Conti’s are dedicated to provide our customers with the best service and only the most delectable dishes and desserts. Since opening in 1997, restaurant goers have come to love the array of culinary treasures that we offer.”

Conti's Pastry Shop & Restaurant

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Mini Treat

Yes! An unexpected treat for myself! \☺/

One morning I woke up, just recently, I decided to have a trip on my own. Meaning, no company at all; no family, no friends, no boyfriend or whoever to come along, that’s the ‘plan’.

Happily watching movie inside the Bus

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Irish the Explorer

I’m in the mood to blog some of my past travel adventures. Childhood is one of the happiest stage of my life. Life isn’t that complicated yet. I KNOW. WE BOTH KNOW! Less expectations. No pressures! I’ve been a ‘Dora kid’ ever since. LOL

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