For the love of coffee ♥

It’s been a while, heaps! 🙂

I seriously don’t know what to say. It’s just too much. Too much to absorb I even forgot to cry. Haha. Good thing, right? I’m now having fun. Smiling a lot. I dunno, maybe after all this time, this is what I need. And what I want. Being with people whom I love spending time with, having cups of great coffee , eating sumptuous food, reading good books, and chilling at a place we’ll never forget. I swear, you’ll never forget.

Maybe you’re asking why, I know. So here’s what happened… On a very manic and plain Monday, (September 9, 2013), when everyone’s so busy with their school and office works. I actually announced it on Twitter the night before, that I might and I want to go out and unwind, ‘coz I only have less work the next day. To be honest. I always feel tired even if it’s just the first day of the week. Lol. Kiddin’ aside, I never expected what awaits me is such an unexpected trip. What I exactly hope for. 🙂

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Quick glance

Had the chance to clean up my things, suddenly found our 2009-2010 college publication ‘Infomedia’. I ‘was’ the Editor-in-Chief then. I really missed our school, AMA CLC College Baliuag, missed my professors, friends, classmates, our one and only, Mrs. Jeck Mendoza (adviser); missed my team. OUR team. I’m checking on the news, then I was a bit surprised (not really) seeing my, well, thoughts on the Opinion’s page. It says:

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