About Me

Hey guys! My name’s Irish Gayle Mercado Ingco (but please call me Irish for short).. Asian. Feminist. Used to live in the Middle East. Looking forward to trip around the World. ‘California’ baby. I’m a traveler. Chocolate lover. Food is my ‘wants and needs’. Bookworm! Music is my outlet. Tech-y as I can be. A movie-goer- freak-critic (call it whatever), but I’m also into Indie films. I heart Koreanovelas. But I love Harry Potter more! (“Once a Potterhead, always a Potterhead”). ANTM gaga. I.T. geek by demand. Blogger – Writer by passion. ^_^

I’m no a ‘personality’ but I have my own. Not an ‘artist’ but I can be. Not a ‘famous celebrity’ but… who knows? Ha! We all have to keep on dreaming! To wrap this up, the letters that you’ll read about were my experiences from daily basis (past up to present, childhood to adulthood)… Thoughts I wanna share with you that may inform. I used to have blogs before but now, I decided to continue blogging through my hectic schedule. Hope y’all have good time reading mine as I enjoy reading & doing it.. xx

Girl next door, baby! 🙂


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