2 more days

Yeah, right. 2 more freaking days before I start my travelling spree. Felt like it’s my first time. I don’t know why. I felt rejuvenated, I felt new. Free from heartaches, I guess. Or maybe I just find myself lost and occupied at work. Which, according to them, will make it easier for me to get back on track and be myself again.

Michelle: Ayan, galit na naman sya. Nakakakunot ang noo, e. Ayaw ni Irish ng naha-hassle.

Kristian: Babaeng babae ngayon si Irish.

Dio: Ang galing mo talaga. Ikaw na.

Trevor: Bigtime yang si pinsan, e. Magpapa coffee yan mamaya.

Barbara: Uy, blooming. Nagdaan si ano…


Tasha: Beh, gutom na ako. Mamaya ka na magtrabaho. Dakilang empleyado ka na naman.


I just feel like I don’t deserve these too much attention from people around me. I am just not used to. I work hard but I don’t work just to get attention. I work hard not to impress. I work because I want to to grow and mature. I want to improve as a person.

Speaking of working hard, I am also working hard to support my…uhm, expenses in life. Lol. And that is travelling to several places. My guilty pleasure. Yup. I don’t do expensive stuff all the time. It always go to TRAVEL stuff, and, well… Yeah.


The only problem I have now is… Paano ko bubuhayin si Tasha ng 2 days in Baguio when it comes to food? Hindi sya pwede magutom pag walang nagluto samin sa bahay pagdating doon. Ang takaw pa naman nun.

The answer… I would have to think of this for 2 more days.


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