24 and counting…

“The more I fall in love with Jesus, the more I realize how good He is and all He has done for me.” “God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gist of living well.”

Saw that quote above as a tweet and I have no hesitation to post it here. It’s so coming from deep within. Like I’m the one who said it. A day before my birthday, 23rd of September, it’s raining hard, thought I won’t be able to go to work, but hell yeah, I was able to. Woke up soooo early, even if it’s too hard to leave my bed. *sigh* Well, what can I do? I’m motivated. I’m awake, alert, but not really enthusiastic. Lol. Imagine how hard it is not to wear proper clothes or shoes. :/ So yeah, came to office as early as I can, I remember around 9AM and was able to meet the newly graduates of Wave 70 and 72! It’s always on a Monday when there’s a wave who is graduating from training. AT&T is not an easy account, it’s not hard, but it’s challenging. It’s up to you if you’re a fast or slow learner. You should strive better. And finishing this one step is a blessing and that is something to be proud of. 🙂


Live Love Life. ♥

Live Love Life. ♥

I salute the ABAY coaches for producing quality agents on the production floor. So yeah, after witnessing the back to back parties, I’ve waited, waited, waited, think, think, think… So I was on Twitter the whole time, and immediately thought of having coffee with one of the best people I’ve known. I have not seen her for around 3 years already, so it’s about time to chill again, for old time’s sake. Yep, we contacted each other on Twitter, and yeah, Daisy is still the same pretty, vintage-y, never mainstream girl. You’ll see we really connect everytime we talk. I dunno. Siguro, maybe we love to chat, talk, and yes, eat. Lol. The last time I talked to her, she was still studying then at Trinity University of Asia, finishing her major on Psychology. And now that she’s a successful counselor from an elite Academy, I don’t see any reason for us not to see each other again. Lol. She’s still the same. Hindi ko na-feel yung aloofness sa kanya gaya ng ibang tao. I dunno. She’s so random to the fact na sobrang gaan ng pakiramdam pag kausap sya. Though we have a bit difference taste on music (lol, because she prefer vintage), it’s just that maybe because I like weird people. Lol. But kiddin’ aside, she’s really a friend to me. I just missed the fact that we were so close before and now that we’re on our mini-successful career, I think we won’t find it hard to catch up, especially if there’s social networking sites. Oh, did I mention that we chill at Starbucks Gateway? Then we headed straight to CUBAO X! At first, you’ll think the other way around, but no, I have no idea that it’s a cool place to go to. Aaaah, promise to go there to try those vintage restos over there. 🙂 So since it’s Monday, it’s raining, and it’s regular working day, we decided to meet some other time. Went straight home, and yes, early but not so early, got home. Snooze that alarm clock, tomorrow is my day! =)) Woke up around 8 in the morning! All smiles at home. Mom: “Masaya ka ngayon kasi birthday mo. Saan ba tayo? *chuckles* Happy birthday, anak! Ang tanda ko na. *sigh* *smile* *eating oatmeal* Ganda ng suot ah. Mukhang may lakad? Or date? *wink* Go home early as much as you can, ah. I’ll show you something. *smile* Me: Ano ba yan! Ang drama naman! 😦 Thank you, Ma. Love you! 🙂



Bro: Happy birthday, ate. Gift ko? *eating cereals* I won 2nd place ate sa BrainMEsh. Weekends, ah? *wink* Happy birthday ulit! Me: Talaga? Ang galing naman talaga! Ikaw na talaga! 🙂 Little did I know, I’m not expecting that Mama would be so dramatic after I left the house. (via text) “Anak, alam ko lagi ikaw ang nagbibigay. Lagi kang support sa mga kaibigan mo. Lagi kang motivated sa work mo. Pero ikaw rin ang laging nasasaktan, nahihirapan. Lagi ka na lang umiiyak. ‘nak, you need a break. Hindi man kita sinasabihan noon na mahal ka namin ng Papa mo, pero sobrang proud ko sayo. Alam kong tingin mo, kapatid mo lang paborito namin, pero hindi. Mahal ka namin. At hindi mo na kailangan pang patunayan pa ang sarili mo dahil noon pa man, proud na AKO sayo. Sana ngayong birthday mo, malaman ko man lang na masaya ka, na hindi ka na iiyak sa kwarto mo (linisin mo naman minsan), at wag ka malungkot. You’re strong, I know. Pakatatag ka, Irish. I love you. God bless you always” 😥 That literally caught me off the guard. Mom and I? Mmm. I guess I can say that we’re closer now than ever. I mean, I’m telling her even the nonsense details about my life, but not everything, though. If she only knew how much I love her, how much I adore her for being a strong woman. Hindi ako magsasawa sabihin na kahit laging contradicting yung ideas namin,, kahit lagi nya ako bini-bitch, sobrang pinalaki nya ako ng tama, for 24 years, nandyan sya tabi ko, when dad’s overseas. I can’t even describe how hard it is to raise a child like me. Haha. Thank you, Ma. Hope you’re reading this (maybe, maybe not). Love you so much! ♥ I was thinking, kelan pa naging ganito ka’sweet ang mom? Ayoko ng mga ganyang salitaan. HAHAHA. So anyway, I promised her that no matter what, I’ll make it home before midnight. On the contrary, checking my phone several times, of course, it’s kinda busy that day. As expected, received text messages, phone calls, tweets and FB posts from friends and relatives! That already made my day.


Got a message from the Top Model itself, Laura LaFrate. ♥


Got the most number of votes for being the sweetest Facebook greeter, my baby girl Rica. She really is a sweetheart. ♥


But this one’s from Lanz. She’s the sweetest also, I know. I feel like I got a fan sign from an artist. So original. Love her too! ♥

Specifically, that ‘out of nowhere’ text from Trice. Tawa talaga ako nung nabasa ko yun. Medyo nagulat pa ako kasi birthday na birthday ko, yun talaga ang bungad e. -.-” But yeah, I decided to have birthday lunch with her at, well, where else, Army Navy. And since it’s Tuesday, it’s Taco Tuesday Day! But we didn’t order that. Just so you know. 😉  Hi, bitch. (though you are not a bitch) Thank you for the words of wisdom, the stories, and rants, and for always being there. I’ll always love you! You know that! You the best! 🙂


(L-R) 1. While waiting for agents, ordered Pink Guava Juice at CBATL Galleria. 2. Finally, I’ve leaned how to use and play TABLE FOOTBALL at the office! 3. Thank you to someone who gave me this chocolates. ♥ 4. It’s Army Navy’s Taco Tuesday flag!

After that, I did go straight to office again and meet the agents. We went to Metrowalk and (Mugen) and had some chit chats. There were some bands, DJ’s present and I was surprised that even if it’s Tuesday, people are so ready. This is night life! 🙂 1372907_10201485492092032_1925132143_n

Party rockin'

Party rockin’

Since they still have work tomorrow, of course, cousin and I decided to chill at Icebergs. Yup. At the middle of the night, surrounded by party people. Haha. We don’t mind, as long as we have this: ♥


Caramel Flan con Hielo is love!

She’s the best sister/cousin for me! The prettiest and the smartest. Love you, Ate Yvette! 🙂


Me took a picture of cousin while she’s taking a picture of me too. 😀

When I got home, I saw something near my pillow. A box. White box. I opened it and saw this fuckin’ gift from Mom!!! A note inside says: “Ayaw mo nung malaki dito, right? Ayan, para sayo, MINI.” THIS LITERALLY MADE MY NIGHT! She knows I’m not really into being materialistic, and I don’t need this iPad actually, but…..


Newest baby. I don’t need you, but I will love you because Mom gave you to me. :*

Ooops, don’t wonder but my most favorite part of the day is here. Spent some time with Him and hear the Mass is for me, the most important thing happened to me on that day. Thankful of the never ending blessings me and my family are getting. Thanking Him for the 24 years I’ve lived. 1374622_10201485491372014_1913046175_n

Presents don’t really mean much to me. I don’t want to sound mawkish, but – it was the realization that I have great many people in my life who really love me, and who I really love. I only spent this day with a few, but for me, this isn’t the last. Yup. There’s always part 2 and so on. Thank you, guys, so much! I’ll see you, ’til next, next, next incoming weeeeeeeks! 😉


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