For the love of coffee ♥

It’s been a while, heaps! 🙂

I seriously don’t know what to say. It’s just too much. Too much to absorb I even forgot to cry. Haha. Good thing, right? I’m now having fun. Smiling a lot. I dunno, maybe after all this time, this is what I need. And what I want. Being with people whom I love spending time with, having cups of great coffee , eating sumptuous food, reading good books, and chilling at a place we’ll never forget. I swear, you’ll never forget.

Maybe you’re asking why, I know. So here’s what happened… On a very manic and plain Monday, (September 9, 2013), when everyone’s so busy with their school and office works. I actually announced it on Twitter the night before, that I might and I want to go out and unwind, ‘coz I only have less work the next day. To be honest. I always feel tired even if it’s just the first day of the week. Lol. Kiddin’ aside, I never expected what awaits me is such an unexpected trip. What I exactly hope for. 🙂

Woke up and received a lot of grumpy text messages from Trice. Here she goes again, bugging me to visit her at work. Okay. BtoB. Bulacan to Buendia. Lol. I don’t mind, though, she’s so demanding. I even starved myself just to visit and hear her rants and raves about 1D. Oh well. This girl. Haha. So we ate at our usual lunch pod, Army Navy! ♥ The queen of rant with her quesadillas and me with my single quarter classic cheese burger. Solved! Told her I don’t want coffee that time ‘coz an unexpected thingy about coffee will happen later that day. :’)

Maybe because I got bored while waiting for her, so then I called my bebe Pauwyyy, and I’m surprised that she answered it in 2 seconds. That was fast! I was thinking (Parang di naman sila nagka’klase, hawak lagi ang phone. Hahaha). Missed hearing her voice, together, of course, with my bubbly and witty bebe, Tisay. I automatically smiled, the fact that they miss me…too. It’s been weeks or months since the last time I saw them, so I grabbed the chance na rin.

Good thing they don’t have classes so I did go straight to ’em to Antipolo after I had lunch with my bitch. At least, we had picture together before I left. Lol.


Bitch, please. :3

So there, in a hurry thinking that it might rain. When I’m almost near their university, to my surprise, yes, I already saw the 3 bebes, with the newest fan of coffee, Sandra, purposely waiting alongside the road. (Akala ko kasi, dun pa sa may Mcdo, lol). Yay! Couldn’t be any better than before. So yeah, I fetch them so we could have kwentuhan na rin while on the way. And the fact na they’re not that much familiar to Quezon City esp. Katipunan/UP village… We even found ourselves lost when we’re at UP na. Shame on me, I got lost in bewilderment, maybe because we all are busy talking to each other, we even forgot where we’re going. Hahaha. So yeah, we had a looong ride along Ateneo/Miram ‘coz of Monday traffic, as always, and it’s around 3pm. Thank God for the weather, btw! It didn’t rain. Then when we’re at UP Village, we even had the sight of Sikatuna and Teacher’s Village. Which means we’re already lagpas of Maginhawa Street!

We actually had fun at the street names. We passed by a lot; Mayaman, Mahiyain, (we’re even thinking kung meron bang ‘Mahirap’ street). Then we passed by at this most controversial street name: Malingap. Hahaha. I swear, nagtatalo pa kami what’s the meaning of it. I even asked them to use it on a sentence, but no one knows how to. LMAO. We laughed our heart out, really, and we’re not even at the shop yet!

One thing I like these places, there are so much cafés and restos here. These kids don’t have any idea where I’m bringing them. It’s a lot way better than the others. 😉

So we’re here na! Yey. My favorite place with my favorite people.


My favorite place ♥

We had Iced Cappuccino Espresso, Chocolate Frappe, Latte, and Mocha Frost Blends; Breaded Fried Chicken, Tuna Melt and Mushroom and Cheese Paninis to satisfy our cravings. ♥


Those strawberry frappes. 😦 🙂


Drooling :3


Oh, these… ♥


Panini, omg, so yummy. ♥


One thing why I, we, and others love Cool Beans aside from the sumptuous meals, is the fact that it has a peaceful, chilling, and cozy environment. Whether you’re with friends, special someone or family, you’ll find yourself…


Love ’em to pieces 🙂


Those frames and clocks! So original ♥


Stolen HAPPINESS shot ♥


Happy girls are the prettiest 😉


Bebe ♥


That curtain, lol ♥


…comfortable with this cafe. Geez, are there any other coffee shop that has a lot of books to read, at least in the Philippines? From geographic magazines (which I dearly love since birth!!!) to novels; from hardbound to soft ones; from children’s books to mainstream paperbacks, and our favorite PUGAD BABOY! 🙂


“Kayong mg pulitikowww, kala mo may snowww.” 😀

Not to mention its Baguio-inspired interior design; those earth color themed sets. And the warm and friendly crew… Even without wi-fi, I think we actually appreciated it more, probably because we love to talk and we had nice conversations which we barely do. Plus the fact that they read books than read tweets! Lol. Hindi na masama, right? =))


I know I`m not being bias here, just because I relatively know one of the owner of this shop, but I salute Ate Lot and her special someone ♥ who came up with this idea… But this is actually what I`m looking for a cafe. I admit, I`m not born a coffee lover though my parents and family are such addicts. It is when I grew up, I realized the happiness caffeine brings. Lol. But it is really the place that adds life to it. Cool Beans is not the usual Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, or Bo`s Coffee I usually go to. I bet you know the difference now. All I can say is, I can live all day long here. ♥


We could get used to this. Aaaaah, books. ♥

Look at my bebe’s comment! It was even featured on their Facebook page!!! (Artista na handwriting ng bebe Tisay) 😉


Visit the first Library Cafe in Metro Manila, Cool Beans cafe at 67A Maginhawa Street, Brgy. UP Village, Quezon City, Philippines.

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