Expect the Unexpected

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. — 
George Bernard Shaw


So eventually, I wasn’t prepared for this. Every thing happens for a reason, I still think that it’s true. It actually started last week of July, no specific plans, come-what-may type of conversations with friends. (I do really hate plans being cancelled. I’m really more of a ‘biglaan’ all of a sudden gal). Speaking of which, last Sunday, July 29, I decided to visit our hometown house in Bulacan. (It’s just around 30-40mins. from Katipunan where I’m staying most of my liberated life at.) 😉 Even if I’m in the city, there really a lot of things that I missed. My beautiful mom, my handsome brother, my relatives. The people in the farm, class mates, school mates, longganisa, and my gorgeous BIKE. :”>I, without hesitation, rode my bicycle from our house in the highway. Uh yes, highway! Expect the unexpected: I fell from it. Don’t get me wrong okay, but I’m not sure why. Maybe ‘coz the brakes had some disfunction? Maybe ‘coz there are huge trucks ang busses following me? Maybe ‘coz it’s already past 7 in the evening and I’m feeling high? Or maybe I should stop talking now and get back to business. I was even hospitalized for almost a day just because of this and I don’t even care to what happened to me and my muscles. 😀

I fell on the sidewalk after hitting a tree and my wheels fell on me. Great! So I injured myself, thank God for people who helped me. Thanks to the tropical storm Gener who just make it worst for me. And this’ the reason why I cancelled our, no, actually, THEIR grand meet up. My ANTM friends who were actually school mate by destiny. My baby Nix‘s a senior Tourism Management stud, we’ve already hang out before then while the show’s still on going. We had a bunch of exchanged  stories and I enjoyed her company (she’s so talkative to the point that I need to drink water to rehydrate), while my special baby koala girl, Riz‘s a Psychology stud from the same university Nix accidentally is studying at. :”> They’re not suppose to know each other but because of me, I suppose, err, and our Top Model mom, Laura (I MISS TALKING TO YOU MOM!!)… Really, small world it is! So the story goes on and we’re suppose to meet last Tuesday but ‘coz of my bittersweet downfall, I re’sched it the day after and again, they set the place near theirs and me? No choice but to nod and agree. I’m so sweet, right? 🙂

Blah blah blah, then we decided, actually, they decided to meet at SM Masinag in Antipolo yesterday, August 1st. Okay, another mall that’s new to me. It has 3 floors with not so many people in it, but what attracts me more is the glass elevator. I even found out that this is the 2nd SM with this after Megamall. And one of the few who has Mr. Kimbob Health Food shops in the Philippines. But I won’t forgive Nix for being so lazyyy because of rainfall. Heavy winds. Fuck Gener. Anyway, the suppose meet up of the 2 wasn’t able to go through. Obviously. Considering the fact that she insisted me to go and eat with the said food shop with much gusto because it’s her favorite and a must try.. Then suddenly she didn’t come. Such a jerk, Nixy! :*

So me and my Koala bear had no choice but to eat this instead. For only Php99, we’ve got all the essential nutrients in one dish plus the fact that it’s so cheap (compared to others). I am not a Korean or fond of other Asian food (‘coz maybe I used to eat lot of American and/or Mediterranean since I lived in LA/Riyadh before).

Bibimbob is ♥


I chose to order Beef and Chicken Bibimbob, each for one of us and the koala picked the first one (my favorite because it’s sweet) but the chicken’s good too. Actually, I’m starving to death the time we ate, so perfect, then after… I felt like, ugh, my tummy’s on the verge of erupting. Lol, seriously! I had a bunch of Kimchi, carrots, cabbage, and other some leafy veggies whatever it is called, mixed with rice topped with fried sunny-side up egg. (Instructions on how to eat it even written on the paper around the plate, so clever! ) OH MY GOSHHHH!! I could not ask for more!!! Expect the unexpected it is. I don’t even eat veggies, moreover Korean / spicy dish and yet I enjoyed it! WTF? =)) o.O

SM Masinag’s Food Court: Mr. Kimbob. I’ll surely visit you again, soon!


Thanks babyyyy!! =))