The test of love doesn’t come when you are together, it comes when you are apart and you realized that despite the distance, LOVE still SURVIVES..

This is actually my first time to do and/or blog something about this but I certainly won’t mind. I know my WP blog has Filipino bloggers / followers, I decided to post this… SO PLEASE DO SPREAD THE NEWS, even if you’re in another country. I don’t know her personally but my friend Trice does… She’s (Joyful Bonus), engaged in a vehicular accident earlier, sadly on her 20th birthday, too young and let’s all pray. A little amount of money will definitely help, too. God bless!



Joyful Bonus with my friend Tricey

Earlier today, I got a very sad news from my friends. Jog got into a car accident. She`s at the hospital right now. ICU.. STILL UNDER RECOVERY 😦 The moment I found out what happened, I was like.. “Why? Why her?” She`s the most caring, understanding and loving friend I have! I can`t even say something negative about her. Yes, she`s that nice!

Her relatives can`t shoulder all the expenses that`s why we are asking for a little help. ANY AMOUNT WOULD BE A BIG HELP! Her friends are currently raising funds to pay for the hospital bills. Please? 😦 You can deposit it here:

BDO Savings Account:

Efgee Curameng – 3570080433

Every single centavo will be used to pay for the hospital bills, medicines, etc. IT`S HER BIRTHDAY TODAY. OUR PRAYERS & HELP WOULD BE THE BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER! 🙂

Here`s the news clip of what happened:  http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/video/nation/metro-manila/06/07/12/3-hurt-auv-slams-barrier-marikina 3-hurt-auv-slams-barrier-marikina


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