In Your Face, Haters! Littlefooters’ Take 2 for Momma Laura

Love knows no boundaries.

‘So here I am again bugging everyone.’ Sounds familiar??? -___-

*Don’t read this if you haven’t watch the first vid*

Before I begin to rant y’all.. Yours truly is currently listening to Beer by Itchyworms’….. Yeah… ‘Ahh, WHAAAAAAT?’ ‘SERIOUSLY?!’ ‘LIKE OPM?’ ‘I THOUGHT YOU’RE NOT LISTENING TO THESE KIND OF MUSIC?’ ‘ARE YOU BROKEN-HEARTED?’

Wait guys, this is my column! If I want to be honest with you, yes, my iTouch is on a shuffle mode and this song came up incidentally. Shoutout to all international readers, I didn’t forget you all! Okay!!! Just dismiss it and let’s get this on! Because now I’m listening to Leann Rhimes’ ACOUSTIC version of I Need You. Such a good voice and song! Waaaaaaaaaaait up!!! What the hell? *What kind of songs am I playing? So melodramatic* *Who the hell cares?* Well, let’s just start this and I’ll stop my tactless thoughts!!!

But seriously, I’m torn with the things I usually do whenever I’m not on a computer or my notebook. There’s these cravings for Bailey’s Mix (Hell yeah, I’m a secret bar tender you can invite on your party, lol), reading travel catalogs (Sydney is the next stop, hopefully fingers crossed), checked recent MNL headlines and I saw a new logo of Php500 bill which I don’t care at all, and most of all, my cravings for WHITE chocolates is so unbeatable, I could die without them on our fridge.

I know it’s still fresh in all our minds.. that touchy, cry baby moment we all had when we watched the first Proud Littlefooters music video tribute for our hot Momma Laura LaFrate!

Countless tears had shed, I know! 🙂 Who wouldn’t be touched by a video like that? Even those people who didn’t really watch the show or didn’t know Laura at all.. BIG THANKS to social networking sites: our primary tool in communication. Even though our boundaries were miles apart from each other!!!

So after a memorable and emotional week, me and, once again, your beloved and the most famous in the world of ANTM 18 and Littlefooters, Trice talked at that same night, no, midnight to morning, after Momma watched it (May 14/15).. And planning another teary surprise for momma! Excuse me, but if you knew us so well, we really don’t have proper schedule of sleep eversince! We just sleep whenever we want. Whenever there’s nothing to talk about. Blaaaah! (Thanks to her migraine and to my insomia!) I must admit, sometimes I don’t wanna talk to her on the next days but I still found myself chatting with her again. CRAY CRAY! We argue a lot, okay! Most of the times because of her bitchiness. She’s a bitch. Real bitch. Real bits. 😀

Wait, did I just say bitch? HAHA. Speaking of which, that same day also.. I’ve encountered, same with Chalen, a some kind of a bitch in ANTM 18’s FB fanpage. She’s bitching my bitchy Trice! Such a wore! How come you judge a person without knowing her? If you find her annoying, then unfriend / unfollow her. No need to broadcast it there. Besides, it’s not the right place to make scandalous post! SMH. Some immature people really need attention. Please bring that bitch to mental hospital!!!

‎”Treat others how you would want to be treated.”

Anyway, the reason why I brought it up is only because… Trice do not deserve all those hate messages! If they only who really she is!

Before you criticize, ask yourselves first if you can do what she can do. Just like this:

  • Can you make all Littlefooters go together like a real family? (She created the group, bitch!)
  • Can you communicate with other people just to assign them with something almost every hour of every day? (Just like a boss)
  • Can you bug everyone like a bug’s life? 🙂
  • I know it’s not that finesse just like what others can do with a video, but can you think of the same way on how to make a simple gift to someone who’s far away from you? Excuse me, she’s not even a Multimedia major! 🙂 So, can you?

TweetDecking and Facebooking. Gawd!

Well, I’ll tell you, I CAN! Hahahahaha. And I’m just being funny! 😉

Kidding aside, this is a fruit of labor. Every Littlefooter in the world participated. Not all though, but again, Trice’s doing and have done her fuckin best to invite all.

And wait! I almost forgot to mention that Laura tweeted that she let her parents saw the first video. How cool is that??? Now haters of Trice (sometimes my haters too, FML), are y’all cool enough to do the same thing to your idol? Do you have such a freakin crazy fanbase like this? Do you have a family such as ours? I DON’T THINK SO! 🙂

‎”Baby, everyone has a story and there’s a reason for them being the way they are. Feel free to judge anyway, but don’t mess up with Momma Laura, Trice or any other Littlefooter. You don’t how many baby Littlefooters can ‘KILL’ you… with sweetness. 😉

And so here’s the labor I’m talking about!!! Second music video for Momma!!! (So happy, Littlefooters are so united!)

HATERS, WE DON’T GIVE A FUCK! Booooooyah! Momma is already a winner in our hearts! Nothin’ to lose! She wins us already! 🙂

P.S. I do wanna mention all Littlefooters, but I think it’ll take time. You know who you are! We’re just getting bigger and better ❤

Thanks guys for being such a great online buddy in the ANTM fandom world! You all rock, I swear!!! YOU are all so beautiful!!!!!

Trice, if ever you’re reading this, which I know you will ‘coz you’re my #1 fan, hahaha.. Aaah! Let’s just talk later. Good thing I’m not yet sick of your mouth. You da one! 🙂

Okay, so we’re all excited for next week because it’s gonna be the show’s Finalé! Our Momma Laura vs. BFF Little Sophie. This is I believe the best season of ANTM Top 2! It couldn’t be any better than this! #TeamLaura all the waaaaay!

Thanks Momma for giving us all a long run and we couldn’t ask for more! We’re so proud of you! THIS ‘MESSAGE’ IS FOR YOU! ❤

’til my finalé blog, Littlefooters! Thanks for reading! ♥

Sometimes a stranger understands you better than those people who are really close to you.  Yeah, it feels good when somebody miss you.. Feels better when somebody loves you. But feels best when somebody never forgets you.


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Always remember, Irish Loves You ♥

21 thoughts on “In Your Face, Haters! Littlefooters’ Take 2 for Momma Laura

  1. saw the 1st mv, i was touched. then this 2nd, i was touched again because i can feel people behind these efforts are so lovable.

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