Proud Littlefooters for Laura LaFrate

Am I dreamin? O:-)


Wow, I missed bloggin! I missed the whole blogging world: writing, researching, editing, stalking 🙂  and inspiring to those who frequently visit and read this nook. I just want to go straight to the point since I’m still in cloud 9 while I’m writing this! Oh God!

Time / Date while I’m writing this: 5: 31 AM MNL Time | 4:31 PM EST Time MAY 15 (I seriously don’t care what time zone I am in right now since I don’t have that much sleep yet). I’m still stoked, hyper, active and happy the way things go by these past few days. These events haven’t sink in to my senses yet. I AM JUST SO FUCKIN PROUD TO BE A LITTLEFOOTER! Words kept repeating on my mind. Let’s add the music video proudly and significantly made by my TRICE SESE (@TriiiceySese) and compiled pictures of the Littlefooters all around the world. YES! We’re all that crazy for Laura LaFrate!

If you all still remember, months ago, I was inspired by ‘Momma’ Laura to write a blog about her. ANTM was just starting on those days and I really can’t help but be INSPIRED by her. First time I’ve seen her on TV and she’s everything to me! My love for her never diminished nor gone because of the poor edit on the show. I really have no time to talk about hate here, but all I just wanna tell the whole world that they’re just making me (the Littlefooters) adore and love her EVEN MORE.

“If being true to herself is a crime, then count me in and I’m guilty!”

Behind-The-Scene of the Proud Littlefooter Music Video

So I thought Trice and I had the same thing on our minds. This gal just loveeeeeeeee Laura the way I did. I guess, we only differ on how we show it. 🙂 Trice and I really click well which I didn’t expected in the first place. Funny because we actually differ in ‘most’ of our traits, I guess we’re completely opposites. But you know what binds us together. Laura! So the story goes on and on… She created a secret ‘Facebook Group’ named “Littlefooters ❤” last May 10, Thursday and gather all the babies of Momma to this.

I’m just observing there, eating, waiting for her next moves, haha. I know it’s a secret so I need to shut my mouth. I can be very talkative on Twitter sometimes! Then she told that she’s planning to make a video for Laura, technically she needs some help. I said “Brilliant!” and I was like “She’s really into it.” So there, I’m in the secret place now and I had the chance to talk and chat with other Littlefooters.

It was so much fun knowing them and that experience you gained even though these people are miles apart with each other. The next day, no, it was like the next few hours or so, I’m seeing some posts, Trice asked to send her a picture of ourselves holding a piece of anything that indicates “Proud Littlefooter”. Then I was like ” Here we go now! We gonna rock yah world. Watch out for this girl. Watch out for Littlefooters! “ We had the same idea again. But that’s not the point. She really is so crazy about this. She’s so determined in the way the she almost bug them almost single day! Including me? YES! T_T

THEN……………………. SUNDAY!


Okay fine, here’s mine. Stop bugging me!!! 😀

I’m not smizing! I’m just smiling! 😀

Thanks to technology!!! All the pictures and messages for Laura WHEN compiled together with an awesome background song “Fuckin Perfect”…” with an AMAZING effort of Littlefooters… OH GOD! All the emotions are there. I kept on saying this but I am on a mixed emotions right after I watched the video. Just when I heard that song of Pink, I became teary-eyed the moment I saw the pictures… SERIOUSLY! This is much more compared to a tribute video. MUCH MORE! It’s more than anything. I’m not Laura but I felt so loved and supported by these people so bad! I have never expected that there are lots of Littlefooters in the world who were inspired and changed their lives. You know how amazing is that?

I LOVE YOU ALL LITTLEFOOTERS! Seeing you all in that video made me smile 🙂 and realized how blessed I am to know you all at least in the ANTM fandom world! You don’t know how I kept on replaying the part when you guys start to appear. HANDS DOWN TO ALL OF YOU! I am hoping to meet all of you in person one day!

To Tricey, Thank you for the fuckin effort on this! You know I love you for who you are, right?! I’ll be here with you no matter what they say and do. Here’s to more meet ups and sleepless nights. How can I get so lucky, too? 😉

Special mention to baby girl Rica (@inmyheart12) … You are so freakin adorable! You are making our conversation so alive. You are just too pretty to ignore. P.S. I love what you are doing! Keep on dreaming, do what you want to do and you’ll get there! 🙂

And to my Laura, Momma, you really don’t know how much you mean to me, to us! You’ve been an inspiration, you are more than just a model I can never ever forget! NOW, with all your Twitter Party and Skype sessions and vlogs dedicated to us..  IT’S OUR TIME TO GIVE BACK!

Final product in 4 freakin DAYS! Done uploading on May 14, Monday! HOW FAST IS THAT? Wooooohoooooo!!! ♥



“You may be out of my sight, but not out of my heart. You may be out of my reach, but not out of my mind. Fans will come and go and I know I’m not there when you started, but I promise I’ll be with you up to the very end. Remember what I used to tell you, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Keep on being an inspiration to many, Momma. You’re a winner! I love you!”



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PS. I also had the same reaction like this after watching the video. :”>



Always remember, Irish Loves You ♥

10 thoughts on “Proud Littlefooters for Laura LaFrate

  1. Woooooooooooow! Laura so lucky to have you all! what a surprise lol. i’m rooting for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m for Sophie but when i watched the video, I think I’m now rooting for Laura. Sophie is so funny, alright! But looked how many Littlefooters have changed their lives because of Laura

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