Welcome back to Modelland where the girls aren’t so much sad that Azmarie went home as pissed off that Kyle got to stay. Laura‘s still upset over Teddy-Gate when Kyle absentmindedly toed the teddy bear ear out into the pool. The fact that Kyle’s still here when she wanted to go home just weeks before is driving Laura up the wall. Kyle meanwhile has a potato party with Seymone.

The girls get Tyra Mail that tells them “Beauty is in the SMIZE of the beholder” and I immediately go into convulsing Modelland flashbacks. Nigel Barker tells the girls that their challenge is to create a PSA announcement for Tyra‘s anti-bullying campaign B.I.O, which at first I thought was called B.O. The British girls get confused over what a PSA announcement is so I guess they don’t have those things across the pond. You mean, Pee Wee Herman

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