Ahhh, it’s nice to be back in the real, sane world after writing several posts about Tyra’s god-awful(ly hilarious) fantasy novel. What’s the episode tonight?

Oh no . . .

Sigh. Let me mentally prepare myself to both find this hilarious and mind-numbingly stupid all at the same time. This might take awhile.

Okay, I’m ready, but this is going to be a long recap. Begin.

So the American girls have won for probably the third week in a row and the Brit girls are fed up with it, especially Alisha, who promises via handwritten note, to “not talk until she’s picture of the week.” Hooray! How about they all take a vow of silence until she wins picture of the week cause I highly doubt it will ever happen.

But some American drama begins a-stewing when the girls become a little too rough with Laura‘s precious…

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