lone bean.

this is an open letter to tyra banks:

i have been a closeted fan of your super-powered television show, ‘america’s next top model’ for years. while i have never enjoyed your lectures or your high-drama squeals and mannerisms, and i really, truly feel like your book, modelland is a steaming bag of waste just from reading the synopsis alone (website: http://www.randomhouse.com/teens/modelland/), i’ve always liked your ‘antm’ series. i think it’s because not-so-secretly or deep-down, i love a dramatic story. my life is pretty boring and predictable, and i guess antm gives me something dramatic and strange to secretly cheer for. i’ve also enjoyed your choices of contestants from the show. allison harvard, the quirky and smart big-eyed babe of the 12th and 17th cycles, made my heart sing with her awkward commentary on her discomfort in the model house. ann ward, winner of cycle 15, proved herself to be…

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