Last Week’s A Shocker!

Fiercely Real?

Last time, I checked my WordPress site stats. I don’t know but I’m not really checking it from time to time to monitor how many views my blog was able to get. Then I found out that somehow (well, more than what I expected) this was being visited in different countries. I’m a lil bit surprised and at the same time flattered because you guys took time reading…or at least ‘viewed’ my corner for whatever reasons! It means a lot to me. 🙂

Speaking of different countries, how did you celebrate your Holy Week (if you’re a Catholic / Christian)? Right now, I’m here blogging from the Philippines. I stay away from work (of course), took my leave and spent my days with the family. Those days (2 weeks ago had gone by already), aside from having a very unpredictable weather, are really important to me. I must admit, I still observed traditional ways of spending Holy Week. Some people will go to the beach, unwind, go out of town, etc. But as for me, I just stay at home, and when I’ve got the dose of sleep, a lot of it, I’ll reserve my strength to be with Him, reconciliate and pray.



Vegan food, eh?

Ripe mango fresh from our FARM-ville 😉

And a little amount of these...♥

TimTam is the best biscuit in the WORLD! Nuffsaid!

This is insanely delicious!!! I love German treats!


OKAY. Seriously, this is a shocker. Should be on a diet but what am I doing??

BUT… soon I realized that Holy Week won’t be as meaningful and memorable as ever without going to these places… and share it with Him.

“I’m not religious, I’m faithful.”

Immaculate Conception Major Seminary

Brotha and Momma ♥

But after this solemn week, woah! 2 shocking TV moments almost broke my heart (One for American Idol and the other is ANTM). Well, I’m more on shock by the first one. My weekdays isn’t complete without watching these reality TV shows.


Jessica almost got robbed out of the competition for getting the lowest votes?!

With Elise at the bottom 2.

I remember, I had the same reaction with JLo. As in wide-eye and Tyler was like SMH.


And Jessica’s mom about to cry. Oh 😦


But the judges decision to use #thesave is the best, I can say, throughout AI history.
"JLo: Gimme that mic! This is crazy! yes, we're opening #thesave!!"
"Randy: We are saving Jessica without any doubt! She is one of the best singers in America! Are you kidding me? Please vote for the best!! It's about fighting the best!!!"

How can you eliminate the best singer in this season??? This is one of the flaws of AI. It doesn’t matter if you’re a great singer or not, as long as you’re getting the highest number of votes. BUT… EVERYBODY HAPPY NOW! And Jessica promised that she will step-up more and she’s very grateful for the opportunity given to her. Go Jess! You’ve gotten our backs.

Meanwhile, I also watched my DVR’d ANTM 18 Episode 6 multiple times that day (same day) and I can’t help but LOL’ing… You want some cat-fights? More drama? Then tune in to ANTM! I don’t want to elaborate how these girls manage to fought with each other because of a ripped ear of ‘Allen’ the teddy given by Laura’s friend Kevin, who died few weeks before she joined the competition. That is insane! Girls were having fun then all of a sudden, Laura was crying. Argh. Anyway… Again, I’m shocked (Hmm, not really!) You guys know I love Laura so as long as she’s still running towards becoming America’s Next Top Model, I won’t have any problem on that!


And a real shocker… Brits!

Anyway, I’m not shock if the Brits got the FCO which is Alisha, followed by Sophie, Catherine and Annaleise…then Seymone (ikr?) for the Yanks followed by Laura, Eboni. Bottom 2 were Kyle and AzMarie. Surprised? NO! Shocked AzMarie goes home and not Kyle? YES!!! C’mon Ty! Az has a lots of potential and you decided to let Kyle stay who’s just giving you wide-eye-bland-expression?! Argh. Another worst but what can I do? This is her show and she knows more than I do in the field of modelling. Again, I’m just a lil bit of shocked! 😐

BTW, Jessica Sutta and Nadine Coyle mentored the girls doing their Music Video. Gorgeous. 🙂

Screenshot. **Ooops, sorry, have no time to crop the unnecessary things here 😀

‘And that’s a real SHOCKER for someone who loves to edit pictures like me.’

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