Hilarious!♥ Bahahahahahah!:)

Brent The Gent

Have you ever been watching a fast food commercial and wondered why paid actors can’t hold hamburgers like normal people. It’s makes me laugh every time I see it. Holding a hamburger can be considered a science, and the directors of these commercials must have failed science in school. When you consider how many different burgers are available, technique may vary from one to another, but should never resemble what I see in these ads. So I have decided to give a few pointers on the do’s and dont’s of how to properly hold a hamburger, without looking like a paid actor.

This guy above has it all wrong. Poking at the bun with his weak little fingers. Giving no support at all to the contents inside. This hamburger doesn’t stand a chance. And look at his face, he looks like he’s reminiscing about an old girlfriend, maybe Wendy was…

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