Film Review: 12 Confusing Plot Changes In Titanic 3-D

Army Of Awesome People

Over the weekend, I had a chance to see the much acclaimed rerelease of Titanic in 3D. While admittedly the film is visually spectacular, there were many confusing, unnecessary and even disturbing changes to the plot.  Luckily, I was keeping a journal as I was watching the film.  Here are my notes:

-In the opening scene, the Titanic immediately begins to sink in the harbor after it is Christened with a bottle of champagne. It seems unlikely that a bottle of champagne could rip a hole in the side of any ship, let alone one billed as “unsinkable.” It is even more strange that passengers continue to board the vessel after this incident.

-In the scene where the treasure hunter meets the now elderly Rose and finds out that she is the woman with the diamond from the nude sketch, it seems unnecessary and disrespectful that he keeps trying not…

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