Laura LaFrate: Littlefoot of ANTM British Invasion

“God might have taken something from you now but he will never leave you empty handed. New day, new blessing. Don’t let yesterdays failures and heart breaks ruin the beauty of today, because each day has its own promise of love and joy. Sometimes, good things fall apart, so that better ones fall together.”♥

Right now, yours truly is listening to Pot Ledom’s Remix Version of ‘Underwater’   by Allison Harvard (Runner-Up) and ‘I be Like Whoa‘  by Lisa D’Amato (Winner). These were just two of the 7 MTV’s sung by Top Models last Cycle 17 ANTM All Stars.

Yes! BUT to tell you what, I have the feeling that THIS NEW ANTM Cycle is much better than ever. Imagine to put 2 different group of girls inside the House? Check out some Twitter peeps on how they’ve found Tyra’s show so far:

But wait, I’m not here to promote it. Just so-so. I’m here because someone’s littlefoot is kicking her ass off!!! First time I’ve seen her on TV? I was like ‘Uh huh! She’s my bet!’ Not saying I’m correct but everytime (hmm, almost) I chose somebody in a certain competition, he/she ends up winning… or at least made it to the finals! Now I have to tell you who’s mine and it’s actually Laura LaFrate , the Littlefoot. No more. No less. No one else.

“Kelly Osbourne” — Cycle 18 returns with its first-ever “British Invasion,” featuring former contestants from “Britain’s Next Top Model” and an all-new crop of American model hopefuls competing for the grand prize on America’s Next Top Model on The CW.
Pictured: Laura
Cycle 18
Photo: Angelo Sgambati/The CW
©2012 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Yes! Oh yes, she’s littlefoot. As in? No. I mean it’s her monicker, not her foot. Isn’t it awkward if you’re standing around 5’10” and you only have ‘littlefoot’? Lol. Of course, it is.

So that’s why!

You might never know, I’m also ‘tall’ if that’s what they say. I’m around 5’5″ in height. Petite for a model. ‘Tall’ for a normal person (or shall I say for ‘lady’). Geez. But it’s not common, as a matter of fact, if you have these heights, prepare to be envied by many, especially by Asians like me. Y’all know we’re not as tall as the the Americans or British. And speaking of these races… I wanna point out one of the few beautiful faces of ANTM I’ve seen since Day 1. It’s now on it’s Cycle 18 and tagged it America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion. 2 group of lovely ladies. 2 cultures. 7 Yankees. 7 Brits. 1 goal. Claim every models dream, be the NEXT TOP MODEL.


Enough of Cycle 17 All Stars, we’re all moved on by that. I know, you guys have your own bet last time that wasn’t able to make it to the Top 3 or even hail as winner perhaps. But hey, it’s a competition and there should only be 1 winner. Perhaps, I have my own too and this time and I must say this Cycle must be very interesting… and funny at the same time! While I’m writing this, I actually thought of those epic and moments on TV every Wednesday night. God, I love Tyra! And I love the show! I’m loving ‘this’ show! So I make sure I’ll set the DVR and record just in case I won’t be able to watch it on it’s telecast time of 9PM on CW Network.

I don’t why I’m so drowned into this. I don’t even think of being a model someday (eyes rolling) despite of being ‘tall’ and lean. Maybe because my best friend who is also a model just influenced me! Aha! That’s right.

Going straight to the point, since now I’m hooked up (whether I like it or not), there is really one girl that captured my attention in this cycle.

Laura and her LIPS! Credits to TMD photography! 🙂

And God knows how many times I watch the show! Oh, and of course my friends and family too!!! They knew how gaga I am with Laura! Don’t tell me you don’t know her and I’ll leave you up to that! I’ll give you the dose of your own medicine. If you’ll ask me, I also don’t know why I like her. Silly, right? Maybe the transformation helps. With her hair colored with white, red, and blue that just made her edgy and even more gorgeous?! Maybe because of her crazay moves on the catwalk?! Maybe because she’s always give out a best shot week after week after week. Maybe I’ve seen a lot of swaggy zagilicious personality in her? Maybe because I learned that she has this ‘close-family tie’ and loves huge animals too?! Maybe she followed me back on Twitter and keeps on tweeting with her followers?! (what a celebrity!) I don’t know. Maybe you know! 🙂

LOOK AT THAT!!! What an entertainer! Hahahaha!

I am certainly not in the position to say a lot about her. I don’t even met her in person (How I wish though). I’m not part of the production team either where you have the chance to know and interview the models.

Need I say more? Found her YouTube Channel which made me inspired to do this blog in the first place… Here is the link for the video she made and uploaded a few days ago;  just some recap and thoughts from Episode 3 (where Louise quits) and some frustrations from daily life and from stressful work. And to think that all I can say now is “I love Laura even more”.

Oh, Laura! *TMD Photography*

“Sometimes, no matter how much faith we have, we lose people. But you never forget them. And sometimes, it’s those memories that give us the strength to go on.”

She might be judged by some, yes that’s true because she’s a celebrity, and the fact the we see some of her random ‘not-so-pleasing-to-the-senses’ acts on TV… Some will understand, some not. Life is always like that. You can’t please everyone. Well, I just hope we all think the same way that sometimes, in one way or another, TV or media may never allow us to see the ‘whole story’ by our own naked eyes – the what’s real and the what’s not in just a 10 – 15 minute screen shots that were edited, most of the time. As what she’d told AE:

“I always tell that to people: TV is edited. You only see 20 minutes of a person on a show, and you can’t take that to be the full truth. You’ve got to understand that that’s not all there is to that person. You need to really understand that these are individuals with back stories and you need to try to find a way to get to know them past just being a reality person.”

My say? “Laura, you know you’re amazing when people you don’t even know hate you.” 🙂

Anyway, few episodes have gone by already. You’ve seen the Littlefoot doing her own thang in the Modelland. Always on top of the standing, eh? You can see the dedication in her eyes! She’s heart-broken and now she’s determined because of that! Probably one of the reasons why she is getting FCO’s.

FCO: Kris Jenner Episode 2

Cat Deeley Episode 3

J. Alexander Episode 4

Knowing that she loves her family, friends, and that she wants to win the competition because of wanting to pursue Veterinarian studies to save and help animals is just one of the many things that made her standout all the models. How can be a model be so passionate with that? I’m sure all the wild living things in South Africa is excited to see her soon! Well, I guess these are all about her experiences since she was a kid. See this article too (“Third time a charm for ‘Top Model’ hopeful from Scotia”): Worth readin!

ALSO, I was able to read the rest of the article on AfterEllen.

AE: Where do you see yourself going next? LL: I’m starting my own T-shirt line that’s going to be coming out soon. And then I’m also going to continue my veterinarian studies for big cats.

AE: Wait. For big cats? 
LL: Yes, lions and tigers. I love big animals. I’ve loved cheetahs and tigers since I was little. I want to do rehabilitation and release and eventually live in South Africa. So that’s my goal.

By the way… Here are some of my favorite screen shots:

Red-Blue-White ♥

Those tantalizing EYES!

Laura and Sophie. What a reaction! *Episode 4*

And here are some tweets from her fans (including me) I found interesting. And I swear, I can live all day long reading hers! The moment I saw Laura followed me? I was like “OMG! I’m gonna faint! This can’t be true! This must be a spam account!” LOL! Then she tweeted back and hey, I realized “NO! She’s real! And I am gonna faint right now! Thank heavens for this little pleasure! 🙂


Need some advice? 🙂

Gratitude it is!

Love that? 🙂

Setting some fierce words of wisdom 🙂

Being a model isn’t just about model-ing, you need to be good to those who you work with 😉

Don’t you dare miss  the 5Th episode of ANTM with the theme Maple Syrup and the women head to Toronto for fashion week where they have to go on castings to book modeling jobs!) See for yourself! Laura is killing it!


I know, I know… they’re not allowed to tell anyone on what happened or give even a little ‘spoilers’ (which I hate the most). But I’m sure, this is not just a one-time fan mode or whatever, but Laura is already and forever will be a winner for me and  her fans. And from what I always tell her on the Twitter world, ‘Team Laura all the way!’, I’m sure she already knew that I love, believed and will support her no matter what.

“I say: I know I’m not there when you started, but I promise I’ll be with you up to the very end. Swear to all the gods and goddesses of CATS :)”

Good luck on your TOP MODEL journey, our Littlefoot! You. Are. AMAZING! Please remember that! We, your fans and those who believed in you, will always be on your side through thick and thin. We gotta see more zagilicious antics from you, ayt?! Much love! *meow xxxx

Catch Laura on the next episode of ANTM Cycle 18 on Wednesday, March 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

You can follow her on Twitter , like her on Facebook, and subscribe to her YouTube Channel. ☺


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