Black Velvet-ing

Strike 2!
Remember my last ‘food’ blog? Shall I say “sweet” blog? Hahaha.  Check it out! This post might be the continuation, but you may not read that post and just continue to sit there, relax and drool. Why? It’s gonna be another yummy experienced I’ve had. I know, I know! I remembered my Aunt Tessie told me yesterday,  “Irish, you’ve gain weight! You looked nice!” I was like, “OMG! No!” Haha. But of course, my family is used to see me as ‘thin’ and skinny before when I was a teen 3 years ago. Lol.
And I love it! 🙂
Anyway, last time, we’ve gone to Conti’s.. That shop really make it to the top of the list when it comes to desserts. It really did! If you guys were familiar with them, you’ll know why. But you might wonder why I haven’t blog their most famous Mango Bravo thing. To tell you what, although, MB is my first love, I didn’t have the guts to tell the whole worldwide web world how great and yummy it is. I know for a fact that it’s already known in the mainstream, so I asked myself why not blog those sweet precious cakes which were not that really ‘discussed’? (If that’s the term) 🙂
Speaking of, last Saturday, since it’s malling day (and weekend) means food malling for me. I dropped by at Trinoma (as usual) and check out something to buy.
And I end up chasing Conti’s once again!!! Really, can’t resist their pastries…
The next thing I knew, I was ordering their not so famous (compared to MB) ‘Black Velvet cake.

"Layers of moist chocolate cake with cream cheese filling coated with whipped cream icing and grated bittersweet chocolate."

 I never imagine that ‘cream cheese’ and chocolate would be a great combination in a cake! Well, opposites attract. Yeah, whatever.  Funny thing is, I found it amusing looking at it’s top view…

TOP TOP and away...

With it’s spidery-look-alike. Yay! Let’s see the side view… Crinkles!

Choco sprinkles, baby!

I’m already at home okay? So don’t worry, I didn’t eat the whole cake at the shop!!!

And here's the inside 'scoop'

I actually set aside a slice-of-cake JUST FOR YOU, READER!♥

Drooling? Me too!

I hope I could share some more ‘sweet’ moments with YOU reader! ♥
Grazie. Muchos Gracias. Te amo.. ❤
My Rating: Very Good! Must try! 🙂
Check Conti’s on their WEBSITE:
Connect with them on their Facebok page:

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