Conti’s (For The Love of Dessert)

So… Another week has passed and I’m telling myself, there should be another blog to post! Ha-ha! Write. Read. Write. Read. Baaaaaaaaah! Sounds easy but it’s definitely NOT! Especially when you also have other work aside from these; errands to pick up, and deadlines to meet. It’s actually one of my motivations, you know? If I’m not gonna convince myself to write, who? And spare me, I’m just starting to blog as many as I can and as fast as I can… but you should ask the experts here. Bloggers, Authors or whatever career or whoever is that… We all have different perspectives in life, whether you want to pursue something or you want that something to ‘stay there’ and let it pass you.

For the mean time…Sunday for us is FAMILY day. I love this day. And so for me…it’s dessert’s day! Yey! Then we decided to go to one of our favorite fine dining restaurants in the Metro for lunch…

We at Conti’s are dedicated to provide our customers with the best service and only the most delectable dishes and desserts. Since opening in 1997, restaurant goers have come to love the array of culinary treasures that we offer.”

Conti's Pastry Shop & Restaurant

They actually have 8 branches nationwide as of the moment. We’ve gone through the nearest, of course, which is located in Trinoma Mall. Honestly, the location of the resto is not that easy to find. Silly how this pastry shop can only be found in an isolated corner. First timers would find it hard to locate if they won’t ask for directions. But hey, it’s near the mall’s parking lot and taxi lanes are just a sneak around so it’s good for easy transportation.

But what I do really love about Conti’s is their ambiance and the service. 🙂


Chicken Ballotine for Mom (mine and her favorite)

"Meat-stuffed boneless chicken breast rolled in creamy sauce and served with buttered vegetables and garlic rice." Great for chicken lovers!

Take a closer look...

Mom with her own 'Chicken World'. 🙂

Plus … Symphony Salad! (Must try!)

"A wonderful combination of diced apples, tomatoes, grapes, eggs and almonds over mixed greens drizzled with vinaigrette." Mothers knows best!

Yummy… Okay! Ha-ha!!! Next! Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce for brotha!

"Slices of beef in mushroom sauce, served with buttered vegetables and mashed potato or garlic rice."

Another look...

So that’s for meat lovers… OK! Next is mine. Funny you should ask why I ordered this one… Baked Salmon.

"Norwegian pink salmon baked with our very own topping, served with buttered vegetables and paella rice." Conti's Baked Salmon (no rice please)

And look what I’ve gone through…

I'm F-U-L-L! Serving is huge! Worth the price!

Time to have some liquid…

Yellow Mango Shakeeeeeeeeeeey!

And desserts…


You’ll regret if you didn’t try this! 🙂

Moist Chocolate Cake - "Layers of moist chocolate cake coated with rich chocolate fudge icing."

BUT for me? I have 2 desserts! YES! As in double-the-fun! Ha-ha! Sorry. It’s FOR THE LOVE OF DESSERTS, that’s why! ; )

I ate a slice of Bananalicious Pie.

"Buttery crust filled with vanilla cream and chunks of ripe bananas topped with cashew nuts, chocolate and caramel syrups on whipped cream icing."

and… tadaaa! Turtle Pie. One of my all-time fave aside from Sansrival.

"Chocolate pie crust filled with walnut caramel and rich chocolate cream topped with walnuts and whipped cream."

Ack. I’m F-U-L-L of sweets! I’m SWEETy! xx

Wondering why I haven’t post any picture of myself eating? Haaaaa! Please! Not now! I’m bloated! 😀

And it’s another ‘DREAM catcher’ moment again with my loved ones. Dad, you’re reading this. Can’t wait to see you!♥

MY RATING: Very Good!☺

P.S. Check out Conti’s at:

(Table reservations accepted)
P1 Level, Trinoma, EDSA corner North Avenue, Quezon City

Tel. No:
(+632)900-5013 to 15




7 thoughts on “Conti’s (For The Love of Dessert)

    • Bananalicious Pie is awesome! All their desserts are must-try! Those 2 were my faves. Bananalicious Pie is great if you’re looking for something different other than chocolate cake. You know, for a change of taste. Sometimes, we tend to crave for something different. I also want to mention that a slice of it is only Php85 or $2. Worth it! 🙂

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