Tokyo Cafe

Food. Travel. Leisure. (Not really travel, merely ‘Food’, Ha!)


お元気ですか How are you?

あなたがいなくて寂しい!Miss You!


Ah, it’s been a long time since I’d made the last blog post. Not that really long though. I always wanted to sit&write, share what’s happening, I do! Time won’t just allow me. Thoughts were always on my mind. And today is the perfect time to post it. Can’t wait!

Been wandering for couple of days… Let’s talk about food! (I think, I post much more food article than any other, haha).

I can see it!

Last time out, I believed it’s just yesterday! Me with my 2 other best buds from work, actually we’re 4 but JC, the birthday girl, is busy so I go with Ahra and Lanz


…and luckily, we “found ‘love’ in a NOT hopeless place” Lol! I do love and prefer ‘biglaang lakad‘ or ‘last minute plans’ whether it’s out-of-town or just shopping. Not a fan of ‘planning ahead of time’. Maybe I am so worried that it might be ruined or what (Ha!). Then that’s the next thing I knew: I texted them and said they’re free to meet-up, stay connected, catch ups and EAT together. OK! Great!

AGAIN, we found ourselves dining in the fabulous seats of our favorite hang-out Tokyo Cafe.

TOKYO CAFE is the only Japanese style family restaurant that offers Western dishes with that distinct Japanese touch and prides itself with genuine Japanese hospitality and service.”

Ready to browse Menu...

Take orders…

Burgers and Fries...

Dessert babies!

Lanz staring at Ahra’s Tokyo Thrift.

Fish Fillet Thrift...

Ahra pose with a smirk…

Spoon-feed smile

I ordered the American food (for the love of meat and fries… of course). But then again, (I, same with Ahra, since Lanz is already full) concentrated with their parfaits. Geeeez! She’s with her Coffee Jelly Parfait and me, well… my all-time favorite: Choco Banana Parfait!☺

Double the FUN!☺

Waiting to be filled...

Gosh! I looked so fat and I feel so heavy in a good way! Tokyo Cafe is THE BEST! You gotta try their food. From Coffee, Smooges, Pasta, Pizza, Hamburg Steak, Parfait, Soup, Salad, Sandwich… Not to mention, their professional ‘Japanese’ look-a-liked crews. Every visit is great! Perfect for hang-outs, past-time, catch-up meetings and so on. You have to try and you’ll know why 🙂


Just realized I still have the picture from our last year’s Tokyo.

Last year's Tokyo pic...

But here we are NOW… Much leaner… and… slimmer. Lol ☺

Girl power 🙂

‘Till our next visit 🙂

I'll miss you! 😉





BTW, you can visit ’em (Tokyo Cafe) up here in these locations as well:

• Ground Floor South Wing Side, Main Mall Building, SM Mall of Asia
Tel. Nos.: 556.0517/ 556.0699
• SM The Block, North Avenue corner EDSA Quezon City
Tel. Nos.: 441.0821/ 441.0346
• SM Xiamen, 2nd Floor B-207, SM New Lifestyle, Xiamen, China
Tel. No.: (0592) 505.6393

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