Sugar Rush

Tik tok. Tik tok.

While I’m writing this blog (or shall we say typing), I felt the need to eat some food. (My tummy’s on a rumble mode again!) YES! Eat. Eat. Eat. FOOD is the answer! Honestly, I’m very exhausted from work. (I just came home from a long trip, you know?) It’s been work all day! But of course, I’m not complaining having ‘work’… I’m just too tired and exhausted and… hungry.

By the way, what I’m listening to right now is Avril Lavigne‘s newest single ‘Wish You Were Here”! Literally speaking, I wish y’all are here too!:)

I wish she's here too 🙂


Speaking of my favorite artist (‘punk’), she will be having concert here in Manila soon! How soon? OMG! Even though I don’t have the time to watch it live (How gross, I know!!!), I making sure I’m updated to things ‘near’ and valuable me. Avril will rock us on “The Black Star Tour”: February 16, 2012 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum! Goddamn pretty Avril! o.O

Pop Punk artist Avril Lavigne Returns to Manila, Philippines for The Black Star Tour Avril Lavigne Live in Manila 2012

Going back to my main reason of writing this blog, I almost forgot, ha-ha! But now I can feel it, sugar rush baby! Time for me to eat! Well, look who’s IN THE HOUSE:

Choco Mocha Crumble

Heavenly mocha chiffon layers bursting with rich mocha cream, layered and topped with crunchy chocolate crumble. (Php 550)

I’ll have my share of a slice first. And then… wait!!! Taste test…

Woooooooooooow! I haven’t expected it at first! (Speechless) I mean the taste. Coffee and Choco flavors so look good and… taste even better! Kudos to my Red Ribbon! My family really loves sweets and desserts and everything in between, and this particular shop has been our nearest companion ever since. I mean because they have lots of stores nationwide! Even in our local malls! No need to go to Krispy Creme, Dairy Queen, or even Conti’s if you’re looking for an easy way to buy these sweet cravings (if you’re living in rural areas). They never fail to surprise us (at least ME) with their mouth-watering cakes, rolls and pastries. And this new crunchy-heavenly-sumptuous Choco Mocha Crumble Cake? Ah, I can’t think straight! All I know right now is that my mouth’s full of Choco icing and I’m full and satisfied and…hungry! AGAIN?!

ONE MORE slice of happiness for today!

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted with what will happen to this HUGE baby! 😉

Can you suggest other kinds of cakes and pastry? 🙂

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