Mini Treat

Yes! An unexpected treat for myself! \☺/

One morning I woke up, just recently, I decided to have a trip on my own. Meaning, no company at all; no family, no friends, no boyfriend or whoever to come along, that’s the ‘plan’.

Happily watching movie inside the Bus

Forgive me but I think I forgot to tell you I have this ‘wow-that’s-nice-I-like-to-go-there-right-now’ attitude. Blah blah blah. So there you go, I was there already the next morning I woke up! Done! Ha! That’s the magic!

Sitting in the bus thinking "What did I do?"

But wait there’s a little more… I say little because apparently, it’s so small.

I hopped out of the cab then, decided to go jogging and walk along the sidestreets. It’s still dark, around 5AM and it’s so cold! Seriously, I needed 3 blankets to wear that time. (Wait, why am I complaining, I love that place, period). Anyway, I felt the need to go and buy hot drink (preferably hot cocoa, OF COURSE). Not really into coffee, but if there’s an option, I’ll go for that option first.☺

Hot Choco, Baby!

Some stores were already open but I went to Dunkin Donuts instead. But my tummy’s on a ‘rumble-rumble’ mode, I can’t argue anymore, so I checked some doughs. Some mouth-watering dough and pastries!!!

Baked goodies

I found the ‘little ones’… And the next thing I remember, I was in heaven! LOL. This Dunkin Bonbons made me crave for more choco flavored anything. Haha. Sugar rush! Like Belgian Bites (of Mister Donut). The only difference is the filling. The Belgian ones contained pure chocolate inside and out while these heavenly Bonbons are filled with vanilla cream (At least, for those minis that were given to me) Perfect combination! They compromise each other!


Topped with flavored sprinkles.

One moreeeeee!

Looks childish food? They’re NOT! For everyone who loves dough-nut or baked goods and choco lovers…

A box of 6's

We just have to appreciate little things that sometimes we didn’t notice because we are only interested to those which are often commercialized. One day you’ll see, these ‘minis’ will return with a BIG favor to us!☺ *wink*


Do you also like to have  “biglaan” (right-away) trip instead of the ‘planned’?:)

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