Irish the Explorer

I’m in the mood to blog some of my past travel adventures. Childhood is one of the happiest stage of my life. Life isn’t that complicated yet. I KNOW. WE BOTH KNOW! Less expectations. No pressures! I’ve been a ‘Dora kid’ ever since. LOL

My family is used to travel around the country. My first out of town (I mean miles away from our residence and aside from my dad’s hometown) is no other than, the famous ‘Summer Capital of the Philippines: Baguio City’! (Woohoo!) Look at this pic:

Botanical Garden

Bear with it, we all know, there’s still no Digital cameras / SLR’s in the early 90’s.  I was only 6 years old here! Haha! But hey, the memories attached to this pic is incomparable. Those days… Ah, I do fell in love with the City of Pines. Away from the city crowd. Less polution. Cold weather. Delicious food. Nice people. Amusement parks. I can’t mention everything, they are too much to tell (really!) If you’re reading this and you haven’t been to Baguio, you are missing half of your life (whether you’re a Filipino or not)! We all know our tourists love to be here because of the good weather.

Until now…

Strawberry Farm

Right now…

Flowers in Bloom

And until tomorrow…

Sunrise from the top

Obviously, Baguio City is my first love! Anywhere I go, I always think of it! You can drag me to the most beautiful beaches in the country and other historic places, but still, I’ll always go back to where my heart really belongs!♥


Thus, I can really say that … It’s more fun in the Philippines!☺

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