I love Michelle Krusiec

Maybe some of you already read my last entry. Maybe now, you knew that I’m fascinated with ‘Koreans’.. Ha! Speaking of, I love MichelleKrusiec! But hey, she’s not Korean, okay? She’s actually a Taiwanese-American beauty raised in the States working as a Hollywood actress slash writer!!! I know, I know! She didn’t even catch our attention through Koreanovelas like Yoon Eun Hye, Park Shin Hye, Kim Bum, Lee Min Ho (obviously, my fave Korean artists).☺



I will admit, Michelle was able to catch mine through the movie “What Happens in Vegas” by Ashton Kutcher (Hollywood crush) and Cameron Diaz.


Michelle played the role of Chong, stockbroker who’s trying to ‘compete’ with Joy (Cameron) , get her boss’ attention and to be promoted. Well, if you haven’t watch it, go and get the DVD. It’s fun to watch and worth it!

I don’t know if I’m just a late bloomer person or what, but again, I’ll admit, that time, I haven’t seen her multi-awarded “indie film” before her WHIV appearance. Check out ‘Saving Face‘ in 2004 (I was 15 years old then); never knew it was a lesbian film. She played the role of Wil Pang, a Chinese American surgeon who’s trying to balance her love affair with the lovely Lynn Chen (Vivian Shing) and relationship with her Ma (Joan Chen) dealing between family and community.. What really made me fell in love with the movie, is the fact that it was able to portray the importance of ‘close family ties’ and acceptance for who you are, regardless of what your people around you will talk about. After all, it’s still our families who will back us up and never leave us until the end. No wonder, it gained a lots of supporters and recognition.

Going back to Michelle, if you want to know more of her, just check out her sites here! She’s definitely NOT a snob. She’ll entertain your ‘valuable’ questions. Go and get her movie DVDs in stores now!! You’ll know why I love and admire her! Oh, by the way, Michelle is also a writer! Y’all should check out for that! MK rocks! *wink*

Twitter: @michellekrusiec
Facebook: facebook.com/michellekrusiec
Blog: http://theprocess.michellekrusiec.com
Website: http://www.michellekrusiec.com
MIT: http://www.madeintaiwanshow.com/


6 thoughts on “I love Michelle Krusiec

    • Thank you Katherine! Wishing the same thing! Well, that’s good to know! Don’t worry, just catch her up to her social media sites esp. Twitter / Facebook, she keeps on informing us! 🙂

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