Damsel in ‘distress’

Done editing my “About Me” section of this blog. Really! I think about it for 1 whole ‘ill’ day! I’m still a little bit sick and (tired, I guess). I just want to be away from any distractions (and stressful work). So what I did is I just lay down on my bed, eat some vegan food, low amount of rice, and lots of water (tap water). I’m being sickly (if that’s what you call it) nowadays (*sigh*). Don’t ask me why, because I know for sure, WE both know it! Dang! I need to unwind. And rest. Lots of rest! But of course, I can’t get enough of World Wide Web and my Twitter and Facebook. Used my cellphone instead of my PC, afraid that I may be sick if I use it.. Checked my timeline (both) and this idea of ‘editing’ pops on my mind. “Why not tell the whole ‘bloggers’ world who you are?” Don’t forget (just in case) to check it (if you don’t know me that much).☺

I guess, it’s not that bad being in ‘”Damsel in ‘distress'” after all. All worth it.. xx


Burgoo Scene

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