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Had the chance to clean up my things, suddenly found our 2009-2010 college publication ‘Infomedia’. I ‘was’ the Editor-in-Chief then. I really missed our school, AMA CLC College Baliuag, missed my professors, friends, classmates, our one and only, Mrs. Jeck Mendoza (adviser); missed my team. OUR team. I’m checking on the news, then I was a bit surprised (not really) seeing my, well, thoughts on the Opinion’s page. It says:


We are living in an age when everything comes easy. Everything, from food to research paper to gadgets, can be had or done with a simple push of a button or a mere click of a mouse. However, I have been looking for a special gadget without success, a tool that will give a lesson in life, lesson that will permanently change the way people value things and their outlook in life.

To begin with, I really do not know how I am going to start when I myself am guilty of being conceited. Let us admit it, you, and I are considered narcissists because we prioritize ourselves first before others. The ego makes sure it is sitting pretty on pedestal. They say you cannot love others if you do not love yourself. True, but what if you are confined to loving your own and putting others to oblivion. That is the problem of being selfish. The adage “No man is an island” no longer he spells on an egoist. He thinks the world revolves around him. He does not care about the plight of other people. A selfish man is driven with greed to collect riches and be above others. Forgetting relationship is one of the essences of living. All he cares for is his money and what it can buy. Imagine that there are those who do not have even a penny in their pocket. They are homeless and sleeping on street pavements. (I could still remember when my best friend Ashly and I used to give a coin every time we meet street children and the disabled ones). Shivering in the cold and sometimes drenched in the rain. Sniffing “rugby” to forget hunger, thus, substituting it to nourishing foods that they unfortunately did not have. Without proper clothing, just rags, minus hygienic means to maintain cleanliness. People like us complain to heaven our countless inconvenience and desires. Our mothers usually reprimand us to finish eating our food, explaining us about millions around the globe who are famished. That is true and the message is clear: appreciate everything that you hold in your hands and learn to share to those who need the most.


So the next time you sip a bottle of soda, savor it with much gusto to show appreciation. Moreover, that you are blessed to taste such luxury in life. While there are, those who did not have clean water to drink, nor food to fill their stomach. And if there happens to be a needy person near you, do not hesitate to reach out a hand along with the blessings you hold. Somehow, you will bring happiness to a deprived soul.

Isn’t it good? I mean, I’m not being biased here (of course, it’s my write-ups, haha) but I’m after the point it was trying to convey. Get me? Ha! Since I’m now starting to blog (again) and now is already FEBRUARY (‘say it’s a LOVE MONTH). Better show some love my friends! ♥♥♥

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